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We dont recognize all of this as being judgmental, but it is

We dont recognize all of this as being judgmental, but it is

Per Primer on Understanding & Compassion

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By Leo Babauta

Per reader wrote to me that he is frustrated with himself he hasnt been as compassionate to people as hed like recently.

Lots of us experience this were judgmental, quick to snap at people, getting frustrated with how other people act, judging people who have different beliefs than us.

The reader who wrote to me is actually aware of being judgmental most of us dont even realize when were doing it. We think were right to judge others, to be frustrated with them, to snap con anger.

This reader, mediante contrast, sees the less-than-friendly actions he takes and sees that theyre not aligned with the g d person he wants to be, the compassionate person he is at heart. He sees the less friendly actions and wants to change them. That is worthy of celebration.

Con this primer, Id like to talk about how to be more understanding, and then how to be mindfully compassionate on an everyday basis. Of course, I am as guilty of being judgmental and less-than-compassionate as anyone else, so I dont want to convey the impression that Im above anyone. Im not!

That said, I think this is important when we are judgmental, it hurts our relationships with others, and makes us frustrated and unhappy. We can dissolve all of that, and be happier and more loving with other people and ourselves.

The Basics of Being Understanding

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When were feeling frustrated with others, when we notice ourselves judging others we can use this as a signpost that its time to try understanding them instead.

We judge people all the time

  • They are acting badly, so were frustrated with them
  • They eat differently than us, so we think theyre wrong
  • They live differently than us, so we think they are dumb
  • They have different political views than us, so we think theyre deluded
  • Theyre overweight, p r, have a different religion, speak p rly, dress badly, are on their phones all the time, taking t many selfies, have t much sex, are t prudish, etc. Continue reading We dont recognize all of this as being judgmental, but it is